Great Progress in this Mighty Work of God!

Praise Jesus my dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus! I would like to inform you that Hope's house Kenya project is moving on to a more advanced level through your great donations, contributions, and prayers! As I informed you earlier that the number of orphans has risen to 40 orphans! These are now cared by our organization! 

However, schools are opened for third term school sessions, I am bringing new orphans to our school!

Also we are building three more classrooms, two strong gates from opposite direction for entrance, school canteen, and a staff room! 

We have also opened an office of our organization Hope house foundation Kenya which has a cyber and Mpesa this will help to train people ICT and bring funds to help the orphans!

Have hired five acres of land for maize plantation for food security in future! Have also bought 20 bags of beans each weighing 90 kilograms! Have saved enough funds to buy 50 bags of maize weighing 90 kilograms each! When price of maize falls down in November! I want to make sure that I have enough food to feed more than 100 pupils next year this number includes even those who are not orphans but eat lunch during week days while school is opened! 

This project has brought impact in the church, the church cannot accommodate members, it is very small, many people are coming to Christ easily! We need a big building! 

What I see in the ground is amazing, the orphan named Hope Shiro said thank you for caring me Pastor while I was taking her to join other girls in the orphanage! It really caused my tears as I imagined how you have constantly supported these kids! I don't know what we can give you, actually we have none than praying for you! May the almighty God bless you and your families in Jesus name! 

Paige Chavoustie