Praise Jesus brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. I would like tobrief you when God brought Elizabeth to me for a divine calling, caring orphans. It was on twitter when we first found each other through sharing the gospel of Jesus. I was impressed for the book she wrote about moldable clay and how she shared solid spiritual food. I decided to follow her on twitter.  I introduced myself to her as a Pastor running ministry called Salvation to nations Ministries by then I had a church under the tree at road side lacking land for church building.

However, it was around in April 2014 when Ishared our baptism video with Elizabeth she was moved spiritually and began to share her prayer requests with me. I prayed God to restore her family blessings, I even fasted and pleaded to God for His mercies.  In September God started working out for her family. All those past months, I did not ask for money neither help from her. Then she asked me what she can do for me, I replied, The three orphans under my care. From there we shared our orphanage campaign on Facebook. We did not know if we can make any far but trusted God.  She encouraged me by saying God will do.

Moreover, I can't imagine the far we have gone! We have an NGO( non government organization) called Hope house foundation Kenya, a school called Hope and light academy, and a home for the orphans called Hope's House Kenya. We are currently caring 28 orphans.

God bless all who contributed to this success!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours in Christ

Pastor Peter Kuyuni