Thanks to a very generous donor...

Our number of sponsoring orphans has risen from 28 orphans to 40 orphans! This is a very big step we shall update new orphans here! Thank you all sponsors who contributed to this success! 
Kenya has a high cost of buying food! Tanzania has a very cheap food cost. In December here in Kenya I bought a bag of 90 kg of maize at $ 22 in May to August we buy at $ 50. The cost of a bag of beans of 90 kg cost $ 40 it goes higher at $ 80! In August, we harvest beans here in Kenya, so I have bought 20 bags of beans at $ 40 each addition to 10 bags which we harvested from the land we planted making a total of 30 bags of beans! These will be enough food for the year 2018. God is doing great things here!

-Pastor Peter Kuyuni